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2009-06-19 23:26:28 by thegreek777

Well im excited about this whole Art portal thing cause its more my thing than flash! this is pretty cool stuff so im gonna start submitting things and hope i get scouted!

Art Portal


2009-03-06 00:33:43 by thegreek777

sooo, no ones ever gonna read this buuuttt-

new flash comin soon with collab from my bro zachland
i will be doing voice acting as well as helpin out with some of the animation and i will write most of it although idea cred goes to zach

yah so- comin soon: Tomatoe, Tomahtow

WEll, im still brand spankin new

2009-02-06 16:48:09 by thegreek777

WEll, its wonderful to finally be a part of the newgrounds community, ive been using the website for years and never decided to get an account. But after a while of loving newgrounds, i decided to join and contribute instead of only voting. I am going to start a flash submission soon, dependin on when i can take time away from AP art and actually do a full submission. So until i get somethin out, ill be around commenting and voting, and experimenting with the wacom. hopefully shouldnt be TOO long